Bedding mortar 2-K for high-performance concrete

Product description

Fescon Bedding mortar 2-K for high-performance concrete is a 2-component, cement-based, dispersion-modified product, applied as the bedding mortar for Fescotop F90K High-performance concrete. The maximum grain size is 1.2 mm. 

  • easy to use
  • excellent adhesion
  • applied with brush
  • chloride-free


  • For ensuring adhesion of Fesonc Fescotop F90K High-performance concrete on an existing ground underlaying concrete
  • In other large casting sites, for improving adhesion to the base with Corro concrete, for example
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EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841770271 Bedding mortar 2-K for high-performance concrete, powder 77027 25 kg
6416841769107 Bedding mortar 2-K for high-performance concrete, liquid dispersion 76910 10 l


Mixing instructions:

The liquid component is mixed prior to use.

Five litres of liquid component is mixed with 25 kg of dry product, using a drill paddle for approx. 2 minutes. If necessary, the consistency is adjusted by adding water max. 1.5 litres per dose.

Allow the plaster to stand for a few minutes and the mix again briefly. The workability time of finished Bedding mortar for high-performance concrete is approx. 2 hours.

Clean the adhesion base of loose dust and dirt. Before applying the plaster, wet the area so that is damp enough to be darker in colour.


Spreading the plaster:

In connection with Fescotop F90K High-performance concrete, the Bedding mortar for high-performance concrete is brushed in a carefully ground base that has been wetted the previous evening. The base must not have loose water!

After liquid additions, one sack is enough for approximately 8-12m2 depending on the base.


Fescotop F90K High-performance concrete:

Fescon Fescotop F90K High-performance concrete is spread according to separate instructions on the wet-on-wet principle on the Bedding mortar for high-performance concrete. The amount of the Bedding mortar for high-performance concrete for its part affects how soon lapping can be started. So, in addition to too small amounts, also too large amounts of Bedding mortar for high-performance concrete should be avoided.

Waste handling

Hardened product and empty, dry packages can be delivered to a landfill. A liquid product must be delivered to a hazardous waste reception point.

Technical information

Material usage

about 2–3 kg/m2 (dry product)

Finished compound 12-13 l / 25 kg (after adding dispersion)
Type powder + liquid dispersion
Colour dark grey
Package size 25 kg dry product and 10 l dispersion

storage time in a dry location approx. 1 year

'The dispersion must not freeze.

Lowest usage temperature


Workability time 2 h
Adhesion strength

> 1,5 MPa

Fire class A2
Transport Warm transport

The information is based on tests and practical experience. We cannot affect conditions at the work site so we cannot assume responsibility for the end result affected by local conditions.


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