Curing compound

Product description

The Fescon Curing Compound is a one-component, water-soluble polymer dispersion designed for fresh concrete to prevent it from drying too rapidly.



The product can be applied to fresh concrete on both horizontal and vertical surfaces on all concrete surfaces. Due to it being odourless and drying rapidly, the product is suitable for use in almost all applications. The product does not affect the adhesion of any future coatings.

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EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841770226 Curing compound 5 L 77022 5 l
6416841770219 Curing compound 20L 77021 20 l


The product is a ready-to-use solution; we do not recommend thinning. Mix the product carefully before use. We recommend applying the product evenly with a gardening spray or an industrial spray.

Wash tools with water.

Waste handling

Storage and handling of waste. See the separate storage and disposal instructions

Technical information

Material usage

approx. 10 m 2 / l

Type liquid
Colour white, bright after drying
Package size 5 l and 20 l

12 – 15 months in dry conditions at a temperature of +5oC...+30oC in tightly sealed containers.

Particle size

0.1 µm

Lowest usage temperature

+ 5°C

Drying time

1-4 hours depending on air humidity and temperature

pH 7-9
Solid content

8- 10%


10 – 200 mPa.s


Nominal weight 1.02 kg/l

The information is based on tests and practical experience. We cannot affect conditions at the work site so we cannot assume responsibility for the end result affected by local conditions.


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