Fireplace mortars

Clay stove mortar SUL

For the burnt brick masonry of the frame and flues of wood-heated fireplaces indoors. Fireproof mortar must be used in fireplace masonry. Regular masonry mortar is used for the separate shell.

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Fireproof masonry mortar TKM

For laying firebricks used in indoor wood-fired household fireplaces. Heat resistance over +1200 oC. A 25 kg bag yields 12-13 litres of finished mortar, which is enough for laying around 100 firebricks.

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Fireproof casting concrete TKV

For the parts of ovens, fireplaces, grills and sauna stoves that need to be fireproof. Maximum operating temperature +1300oC. Minimum casting thickness 50 mm. Ready-to-apply compound 11-12 l/25 kg. Remains usable for one hour. Do not use reinforcement.

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Fireproof repairing compound TKK

For patching chips, cracks and cavities in the fire boxes of household fireplaces. Heat resistance +1300°C.

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