Pipe riser sealing compound HTM

Product description

Fireproof special plaster based on cement, lime, and quartz sand for sealing pipe risers from the inside.



Sealing domestic wood-heated, rock material (e.g. tile, lightweight aggregate, concrete) based fireplace flues and air ducts from the inside.

The product is suitable for use on sites with a Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

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EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841531087 Pipe riser sealing compound HTM 53108 25 kg


Add the dry material into the water pouring it slowly and simultaneously mixing it. A concrete mixer or power drill whisk can be used for mixing. With the power drill whisk, approximately 4 minutes of mixing is enough. Let the plaster stand for approximately 10 min. Mix it again for a short while. By remixing, the correct plasticity of the compound is sought by adding the final amount of water. It is not recommended to add the maximum amount of water right at the start.

Before the pipe riser is brought into use, it is allowed to dry for at least two days.

Sealing work of pipe risers requires special tools.

Waste handling

Hardened product and empty, dry packages can be delivered to a landfill. A liquid product must be delivered to a hazardous waste reception point.

Technical information

Water requirement appr. 7 l / 25 kg
Finished compound appr. 13 l / 25 kg
Type powder
Colour grey
Maximum grain size

1,2 mm

Package size 25 kg bag

1 year in the original package in a dry location.

Lowest usage temperature


Workability time 2 h

The information is based on tests and practical experience. We cannot affect conditions at the work site so we cannot assume responsibility for the end result affected by local conditions.


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