Separation fabric 1.5x50 m

Product description

Breathable Separation fabric for separating floating floor structures, if the base is of weak concrete, a floor base, or insulation. Diffusion open, separation fabric, made of polypropylene, through which the water in the floor levelling compound cannot penetrate. Both long sides of the separation fabric have an overlapping tape ready-fitted, overlapping according to alignment lines.

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EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841259370 Separation fabric 1.5x50 m 25937 75 m2


Waste handling

Storage and handling of waste. See the separate storage and disposal instructions

Technical information

Colour brown
Package size Roll size 1.5 x 50 m

Cool, not less than + 6 °C, protected from light

Usage temperature

+10°...+30°C (base structure and indoor temperature)


Weight per square metre: 135 gr / m2

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