Protective lacquer

Product description

The Fescon Protective Lacquer is a clear, matte polyurethane lacquer for protecting the 1-K balcony coatings in outdoor areas. Usage 150 - 250 g/m2.


Protecting 1-K balcony coatings outdoors.

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EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841762757 Protective lacquer 5KG 76275 5 kg



The base must be dry, solid, dust-free, and free of dirt, and must not contain loose or sanded sections.

Work instructions

After thoroughly mixing the container, a thin and even layer of Protective lacquer is applied on the surface with a short nap roller by cross-hatching.

Excessive usage amounts must be avoided when applying the lacquer, because too large an amount of lacquer may result in too thick layer thicknesses locally, which may lead to the formation of bubbles, loss of transparency, or colour variations.  

The protective lacquer must be applied within 24 hours from applying the coating.


Dry to walk on after 24 h ( 20°C, 50 % relative humidity), final loadability after 7 days.

Waste handling

Storage and handling of waste. See the separate storage and disposal instructions

Technical information

Material usage

approx. 150 - 250 g/m2.

Type liquid
Binder polyurethane
Colour colourless
Package size 5 kg

6 months in a closed container at +10°C...+20°C


approx. 1 g/cm2

Lowest usage temperature


Drying time

Dry to walk on after 24 h ( 20°C, 50 % relative humidity), final loadability after 7 days.

Walkable approx. 24 h
Wear resistance

Shore-A hardness


Thinner Thinner to be used with the coating
Transport Warm transport
Gloss group



5 kg

The information is based on tests and practical experience. We cannot affect conditions at the work site so we cannot assume responsibility for the end result affected by local conditions.


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