Lime paint KM

Product description

The lime paint is produced in a traditional manner from hand-picked, charcoal-burnt limestone, as well as lime stored for more than a year and wet-quenched with clean water. 


  • cultural historical sites
  • residential buildings
  • chimney bases
  • agricultural buildings, cellars, fruit tree bleaching
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6416841762689 Lime paint KM 76268 10 l
6416841762696 Lime paint KM 76269 10 l


New, unpainted surfaces must be cleaned of dirt, dust, and loose material. Old paint must be removed from surfaces painted previously with lime, by using a brass brush or hot water pressure washing. New plastering should be allowed to dry for at least a week before liming is begun, otherwise the end result may be multicoloured.

Perform plaster patches or replacements with a plaster matching the composition of the old plaster to the level and coarseness of the surrounding surface. If plaster repairs have been done for previously lime painted surfaces, these patch repairs must be lime painted once or twice at least one day before the actual liming is commenced.

The surface to be painted must be moistened with clean water or lime water before painting and 2-3 hours after painting. For prime coat application, a mixture of water and paint is prepared in a ratio of 2:1.

Lime paint must be well mixed before and during use so that the solids of the paint do not descend to the bottom of the paint tin. The painting work is carried out using a lime paint brush, a round brush with the diameter of approximately 170 mm, window jambs and battens can be painted with a wide brush. The number or paint layers depends on the base surface and target; plastering surfaces are painted 3-6 times, bleaching 1-2 times.  Painting is performed when the previous paint layer has dried. In practice, one layer or paint, only, is applied per day.

Lime paint is not suitable for cement plastered surfaces. Surfaces that are meant to be unpainted (window glazing, metal surfaces, natural stone surfaces) have to be protected for the duration of the painting work.

PAINTING CONDITIONS The surface to be painted must be clean and hard, the surface to be painted and air temperature has to be at least +5° C, and relative air humidity 50-90%. Painting in rain or in direct sunlight is to be avoided.

WORKING SAFETY Severe risk of eye damage, irritates eyes, respiratory passages, and skin. Wear proper protective gloves/clothes and an eye/face protector. Any splatter into the eyes must be immediately rinsed with plenty of water, and a medical advice sought. If the substance spills onto the skin, it must be immediately washed with plenty of water.  If the substance has been inhaled, move the injured person into fresh air and place them lying down.

Waste handling

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Avoid any leakages of the product into a sewer, ground, or water.

Technical information

Material usage

Coverage: 3 - 6  m²/l

Type liquid
Binder slaked lime
Colour according to the colour chart
Maximum grain size

0,1 mm

Package size 10 l

In a closed container, the temperature must be over 0° C.

Lowest usage temperature

+ 5°C

Drying time

The drying time depends on the layer thickness, air humidity, temperature, and wind conditions.

Fire class A1
Frost resistance after drying, frost-resistant
Relative air humidity 50-90%

Alternative products

Stone colour S

Facade paint with cement binder for concrete surfaces. Maximum grain size 0.1 mm. Usage 0.3-0.8 kg/m²/ 2 applications. Smallest manufacturing batch 100 kg/tint.

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