SILKO Corro SKC C35/45

Product description

Fescon SILKO Corro C35/45 10mm is a special concrete for demanding casting applications

  • SILKO-approved (SILKO tested on 4 Feb 2014)
  • Compressive strength C35/45
  • Easy to compact
  • Good salt-frost resistance
  • Good adhesive properties
  • Very slow carbonation


Minimum delivery 3 big bags.


  • Demanding casting under salt and frost stress
  • Bridges, harbours and parking garages
  • Mould casting, horizontal surfaces
  • Heavily reinforced sites
  • Filling and grouting of element structures
The product is suitable for use on sites with a Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

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EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841333049 SILKO Korro SKC C 35/45 10 mm 33304 1000 kg



Excellently suited to recasting structural members. Where the newly cast mass joins old concrete, the base must be undamaged, rough, damp enough to be darker in colour and sufficiently strong (see compression strength). There must be no cement paste on the surfaces. Begin wetting the base on the previous day. The required amount of wetting depends on the weather conditions and, for instance, the strength of the base. You must always ensure that there is no standing water on the base when starting rendering. If necessary, reinforce the structure.


Total water requirement is around 2.6 l/25 kg of dry product. Add the dry material to the water and mix with a power mixer for around one to two minutes; allow to stand for five minutes and mix again for a short while. Find the final consistency at this stage by adding water when necessary. However, keep the total amount of water below 11% of the dry product. The finished plaster remains workable for around one hour.

Work instructions

Adhesion to the base concrete is ensured through careful compacting and, if necessary, by applying a separate adhesion layer on the base with a brush. Do not allow the adhesion layer to dry before spreading the plaster. If necessary, use the separate Adhesive Plaster. The minimum thickness of a casting layer is 30 mm. (Maximum around 200 mm as a continuous surface, unless cooling is separately taken care of.) Casts must always be moulded and, when necessary, reinforced. The lowest working temperature is +5°C.

After treatment

The aftercare must be begun immediately after the plaster has been spread and must continue for at least seven days. We recommend using plastic covering / curing compound and a hood. The aftercare is stopped in stages. When a casting connects to old concrete, you must pay special attention on not only aftercare but also the preparation of the base and the casting work itself to avoid cracks. The importance of planning is also increased, and the need for reinforcement must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Waste handling

Hardened product and empty, dry packages can be delivered to a landfill. Liquid product must be delivered to a hazardous waste reception point.

Technical information

Water requirement approx. 2.6 l / 25 kg
Finished compound 11 - 12 l / 25 kg bag
Type powder
Colour grey
Maximum grain size

10 mm

Package size 1000 kg

storage time in a dry location approx. 1 year

Lowest usage temperature

+ 5°C

Workability time 1 h
Strength class C 35/45
Compressive strength

K 45

Adhesion strength

> 1.5 MPa

Strength development

7 days approx. 40-50 MPa
28 days approx. 50-60 MPa

Exposure class XF 4, XC 4, XS 3, XD 3 (50 years) XF 3, XC 4, XS 3, XD 3 (100 years)

0 mm (according to the Silko test programme)

Frost resistance Adhesion strength > 1.5 MPa (no cracking, erosion or lamination)

The information is based on tests and practical experience. We cannot affect conditions at the work site so we cannot assume responsibility for the end result affected by local conditions.


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