FescoLock Seaming sand

Product description

Self-healing seaming sand for yard paving stones and tiles, for seams less than 5 mm. Contains not only crushed stone but also fully organic binding agents that prevent weed growth, reduce dust and erosion, and therefore reduce the need for maintenance. 


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EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841616265 FESCOLOCK S 25 kg 61626 25 kg
6416841616272 FESCOLOCK L 25 kg 61627 25 kg
6416841616241 FESCOLOCK S 1000 KG 61624 1000 kg
6416841616258 FESCOLOCK L 1000 KG 61625 1000 kg


Waste handling

Hardened product and empty, dry packages can be delivered to a landfill. A liquid product must be delivered to a hazardous waste reception point.

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