Finishing plaster LRF

Product description

Fescon Finishing Plaster LRF is a polymer-based levelling compound for interior walls.


  • wall and ceiling surfaces in dry spaces
  • suitable for block, lightweight concrete, Bedding Plaster LF, brick plaster, Gyproc board and gypsum board surfaces
  • on old paint surfaces, the Fescon Tile Adhesive Plaster is used as the adhesive plaster
  • the levelling compound cannot be used for floor levelling or as a base for tiling
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EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841201027 FINISHING PLASTER LRF 20102 20 kg


Refer to the package for how much water the levelling compound requires. Add the dry material to the water and mix with a drill paddle for around one to two minutes. Let the levelling compound stand for at least fifteen minutes and mix it again for a short while. The finished levelling compound remains workable for one day. The adhesion and wear resistance of the levelling compound can be improved by replacing 10% of the water with Fescon Primer.

Spread the levelling compound on the base either with a levelling spray or a steel trowel. You can recover and reuse any extra compound. When applying several layers of the levelling compound, allow the previous layer to harden completely before applying the next layer. Depending on the conditions, the hardening will take one to two days. If necessary, the dried surface is ground after the application of each layer of levelling compound. The levelled surface can be papered or painted.

A levelled surface that has gotten dirty can be vacuumed, re-levelled, painted or papered in accordance with the instructions of the paint or wallpaper manufacturer.

Do not leave the levelling compound in the pumps and hoses for longer than a day. Excess moisture of the structure may cause yellowing of the levelling compound.

Waste handling

Hardened product and empty, dry packages can be delivered to a landfill. A liquid product must be delivered to a hazardous waste reception point.

Technical information

Material usage

1 mm layer aprox. 1.2 kg/m² (full levelling max. 2 mm/application)

Water requirement 6.4 - 7.2 l / 20 kg
Type powder
Binder polymer adhesive
Colour whitish
Maximum grain size

0.3 mm

Package size 20 kg

storage time in a dry location approx. 1 year

Lowest usage temperature

+ 10°C

Workability time 1 day
Coatability painting and papering
Hardening time

approx. 1 day at + 20°C, approx. 2 days at + 10°C
drying time depends on layer thickness and the humidity in the drying area

Adhesion strength

> 0.5 MPa (for a concrete surface)

Fire class A2
Exposure class RL 01 - RL 03 ( RL 04 with addition of primer)


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