Fescotop F45K

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Product description

Fescotop F45K is a cement-based dry-shake floor hardener. F45K is a pre-mixed floor hardener applied on fresh concrete. 

  • Wear resistance class A6
  • Dust-free, tight surface
  • Increases the shock resistance of the surface
  • Increases the chemical endurance of the surface against oils and greases
  • Even and strong surface
  • Easy care


Fescotop F45K Floor Hardener is used to increase the wear resistance of a concrete slab and prevent dust formation. Typical applications include: 

  • Warehouses, storage areas and transport routes
  • Industrial facilities
  • Parking facilities, garages
  • Service stations
The product is listed in the portal for building products that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings.
GTIN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841770042 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM NATURAL/BETHARM 77004 25 kg
6416841770011 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM BRIGHT GREY 77001 25 kg
6416841770677 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM BLACK 77067 25 kg
6416841770684 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM BONE WHITE 77068 25 kg
6416841770691 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM DARK BROWN 77069 25 kg
6416841770707 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM BROWN-GREY 77070 25 kg
6416841770714 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM TERRACOTTA 77071 25 kg
6416841770721 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM GREEN 77072 25 kg
6416841770738 FESCOTOP F45K 3 MM LIGHT BLUE 77073 25 kg

The strength of the concrete must be suitable for the application, with as little shrinkage as possible. Spread the concrete to the correct level and compact it with a vibratory screed (or a hand-held vibrator). Be careful when compacting. The moment the plasticity of the concrete allows, float the concrete manually or mechanically. If the concrete has bled water, remove it before floating by slowly pulling over the surface with a rubber hose or trowel. You should begin the floating from quickly hardening areas, next to walls, door openings, columns and stoppers. Do not use aggregates containing calcium chloride, salt water or salt in the concrete.

Work instructions

Spread the dry-shake evenly either manually or using a suitable tool. Wait until the dry-shake has been dampened throughout by the water in the concrete (the surface has darkened). Float the surface as soon as possible using a low-RPM float machine. Float until moisture rises through the dry-shake and forms a plastic layer on top of the slab. When spreading the dry-shake manually, first apply two thirds of the dry-shake, float, and then apply the rest so that the surface becomes as even as possible. Float the second time in the same way as the first. If you are spreading the dry-shake with a machine, spread the entire amount at the same time.

Once the surface has hardened sufficiently, finish the surface with a low-RPM float machine with the blades level. Perform the final finish later using the same machine but at higher RPMs.

When the floor surface withstands walking, spray the entire surface with Fescon Aftercare Agent using a suitable method. Coverage around 10 m2 / l.

Saw the joints immediately when possible without cracking the concrete.

Other considerations

Wash tools with water.

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions https://www.fescon.fi/en/material-bank

Material usage

5 - 10 kg/m2, depending on the requirements set for the base, concrete quality, and working conditions

light to average load 3 - 4,5 kg/m²

average to heavy load 5 - 6 kg/m²

coloured floors 6 - 8 kg/m2

Type powder
Colour 9 standard colours
Maximum grain size

0 - 3 mm

Package size 25 kg

min. 12 months (protected from humidity and frost)

Drying time

pedestrian traffic 1-2 days

light traffic 7-10 days

fully dried 28 days

Strength class C 70
Compressive strength

with water amount of 3.25 l/25 kg 

1 day: approx. 40 MPa (EN 196-1)

7 days: approx. 70 MPa

28 days: approx. 85-90 MPa

Flexural bond strength approx. 6.5 MPa, flexural bond strength class F6
Wear resistance

5.0 cm3 / 50 cm2

wear resistance class A6


28 days: 1.25 ‰ (UNI 6555-73)

Reaction to fire A1