FescoBlaster FBL mortar pump

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Product description

Hand-held mortar pump for applying plaster and concrete to seams and for fixing holes in concrete and stone structures, for example. A very high-quality, professionally designed mortar pump that allows you to easily apply different pastes into difficult places. Easy and simple to use: Pull the trigger to fill the pump’s container, and then fill the hole by pushing the paste out of the pump. 

  • Designed for demanding professional use
  • Lightweight but robust
  • Maximum paste grain size up to 4 mm
  • The mortar pump is available with four different nozzles.
  • Significant savings in working hours

6 different nozzle sizes:

  • FBL 1 mortar pump, nozzle 18 mm rectangle 
  • FBL 2 mortar pump, nozzle 24 mm round, bent    
  • FBL 3 mortar pump, nozzle 18 mm rectangle, bent
  • FBL 4 mortar pump, nozzle 10 mm rectangle
  • FBL 6 mortar pump, hose 38 cm, hose diameter 13 mm
  • FBL 7 mortar pump, hose 38 cm, hose diameter 25 mm


  • Seam fills
  • Seaming for stone structures
  • Fixing holes in elements
  • Fixing holes in concrete and stone structures
GTIN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841100009 FescoBlaster FBL 1 Mortar pump, nozzle 18 mm rectangle 10000 pcs
6416841100016 FescoBlaster FBL 2 Mortar pump, nozzle 24 mm round, bent 10001 pcs
6416841100023 FescoBlaster FBL 3 Mortar pump, nozzle 18 mm rectangle, bent 10002 pcs
6416841100030 FescoBlaster FBL 4 Mortar pump, nozzle 10 mm rectangle 10003 pcs
6416841100054 FescoBlaster FBL 6 Mortar pumps, tubing 13 mm 10005 pcs
6416841100061 FescoBlaster FBL 7 Mortar pumps, tubing 25 mm 10006 pcs
6416841100108 FescoBlaster FBL piston, spare part 10010 pcs
6416841100115 FescoBlaster FBL pump cover, spare part 10011 pcs
Work instructions

Mix the paste to be used until smooth and pre-treat the bases according to the paste’s instructions. Insert the mortar pump’s nozzle into the paste and fill it by pulling the trigger. Position the mortar pump nozzle into the target to be sprayed and push the paste out by pulling the trigger. Finish the paste surface as needed.

Wash the mortar pump thoroughly with water immediately after use.

After treatment

Cure the paste used according to its instructions.

Other considerations

Wear the personal protective equipment required for the work, such as a respirator, protective gloves and goggles, etc.

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions https://www.fescon.fi/en/material-bank

Maximum grain size

the maximum grain size for the paste used is 4 mm

Package size pcs
Lowest usage temperature

lowest recommended working temperature +5°C


0.88–1.10 kg depending on model.