Product description

Filter sand produced by Fescon is widely used in a number of different water filtering processes. Our products are based on carefully selected raw materials and industrial sand processing methods. We provide precision sieved sand fractions for water filtering for all our customers’ needs.

Grain size

Standard sizes: 0.8–1.2 mm and 1.2–2.0 mm.

Other fractions available where required.

EAN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841615831 Filter sand SUH 0,8-1,2 mm 61583 25 kg
Filter sand 0,8-1,2 mm 1000 kg
Filter sand 0,8-1,2 mm bulk
Filter sand 1,2-2,0 mm 25 kg
Filter sand 1,2-2,0 mm 1000 kg
Filter sand 1,2-2,0 mm bulk
Filter sand According to offer

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions

Package size delivered in full carloads