Winterbolting plaster SR

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Product description

Fescon Winterbolting plaster SR, is a pumpable special plaster for reinforcement work in rock construction. Can be used in winter conditions down to -10°C. The binder is made of sulphate-resistant cement. Used in tunnel excavation, and rock and infrastructure construction. CE-marked, ready-to-use dry mix that meets quality and strength requirements. 

  • Can be used in winter conditions down to -10°C
  • Ready-for-use dry mix product with strength classification
  • Easy pumpability and good filling ability
  • Remains in place in vertical holes
  • Strength class C 30/37
  • Exposure class XC4, XS3, XD3, XA2, (100 year service life)

Minimum delivery three pallets.


  • Grouting of anchor bolts used in rock construction.    
  • Post-injection of expansion-shell anchor bolts (CT bolt or equivalent)
GTIN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841533319 Winterbolting plaster SR 53331 25 kg
  • The drill hole temperature is -10°C…+5°C. Snow and ice are melted from the drillhole.
  • The drill hole has been flushed with pressurised water and, if necessary, blown with compressed air.
  • The bold holes must be clean, solid and dust-free.
  • The drill hole is not primed
Work instructions
  • The work area must be completely protected from wind, sun and rain.
  • During the bolting and while the plaster is hardening, the air and drill hole temperature must be < -10°C.
  • A sack (25 kg) is mixed with 4.7–5.0 litres of cold water. If the product will be pumped, add 18–20% of water of the weight of the dry product. The bolting plaster has the correct amount of water when the it does not drain out of a vertical drill hole.
  • The amount of water must be as instructed in the product card. Deviating from the recommended amount of water reduces the bolting plaster’s strength properties, increases the bleeding risk, affects the bolting plaster’s strength development, and weakens workability.
  • Mix the bolting plaster carefully into a uniform paste (using a horizontal pan-mixer or continuous mixer).
  • The bolting plaster is pumped into drill holes in the rock with a suitable plaster pump. The bolting plaster must fill the drill hole completely.
  • The bolting plaster must be protected from mechanical disturbance during its strength development.
  • Workable for about one hour after adding water.
  • When finished working, wash to tools immediately with water.
  • Remove any dried Winterbolting plaster mechanically.
Other considerations
  • Work is performed according to the infraRYL instructions.

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions

Material usage

approx. 2.90 kg per running metre (approx. 1.60 l/m of prepared plaster) when using ø 25 mm corrugated bar bolts in 52 mm drill holes


Water requirement 4,7-5,0 l/25 kg
Type powder
Binder sulphate resistant cement
Colour gray
Maximum grain size

0.6 mm

Package size 25 kg

storage time in a dry location approx. 1 year

Fibre non-fibre reinforced

additional antifreeze material

Usage temperature


Workability time approx. 1 h
Strength class C 30/37
Compressive strength

> 40 MPa

Reaction to fire A1
Exposure class XC4, XS3, XD3, XA2, (100 year service life)