Product description

Fescorapid is a casein-free repairing compound with a special cement binder that hardens and dries rapidly. 

  • Easy to work with
  • For layer thicknesses 2 - 20 mm
  • Dries through hydration
  • For floors with underfloor heating
  • Paste-like consistency


  • For repairing holes in concrete floors, correcting floor grading, and repairing and levelling stairs
  • Repairs to concrete surfaces, including wall and ceiling surfaces
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • May be used in wells, water towers and reservoirs where the repair compound is in contact with cold domestic water
The product is listed in the portal for building products that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings.
GTIN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841631015 FESCORAPID 5 KG 63101 5 kg
6416841202352 FESCORAPID 20 KG 20235 20 kg
  • Concrete substrates
  • The base is clean, solid and vacuum-cleaned
  • Loose layers, cement paste and other impurities must be mechanically removed
  • Smooth concrete surfaces should be coarsened
  • The base have to sufficient strength, load-bearing capacity and immobility
  • The tensile strength of the base must be > 1.0 MPa
  • The temperature of the underfloor structure is > +10°C and relative humidity < 95% RH The relative humidity of the underfloor structure affects the setting of the floor levelling compound
  • Priming is performed according to the instructions of Fescon Adhesive Primer or Flow Primer, depending on the base
  • Impermeable surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, epoxy and metal surfaces, are pre-treated according to the instructions for Fescon Primer PLUS
  • No primers are used in outdoor installations. To prime the surface, wet it with water roughly an hour before applying Fescorapid. The surface should be matte there must be no puddles of water on the surface
Instructions for use
  • The work area must be completely protected from wind, draft, sun and rain.
  • During work, the indoor temperature must be +10°C…+25 °C and the relative humidity more than 40%.
  • A sack (20 kg) of plaster is mixed with 4.0–4.4 litres of cold water.
  • Do not use any excess water, because it weakens the finishing plaster’s strength properties, increases the risk of bleeding and extends the drying period.
  • Mix into a smooth paste with a mixing paddle connected to a power drill.
  • Working time is around 15 minutes from adding the water
  • The finishing plaster is spread with a steel trowel on the surface to be levelled
  • Wash the tools with water immediately after finishing work
  • Remove dried levelling compound mechanically
  • The floor compound can be waterproofed directly with products from the certified Fescon waterproofing system 
  • Can be covered with ceramic tiles, plastic coatings, textile mats, vinyl tiles, wood parquet or laminate, as well as cork
  • Also suitable as a base for wooden floor that is glued in place.
  • A layer thickness of more than 3mm can be painted or epoxy coated.
  • However, it must be ensured that the levelling compound, concerning its technical properties, meets the requirements of the manufacturer of the floor covering and RYL for bases to be covered, with the entire structure in mind
  • To dry properly, the finishing plaster requires a relative indoor air humidity of below 50% and temperatures above +20°C. Poor conditions compromise the strength of the finishing plaster and prolong the drying time

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions

Material usage

1 mm layer approx. 1.5 kg/m²

Water requirement 4-4.4 l/20 kg
Binder special cement
Aggregate Limestone powder and natural sand. Limestone powder contains small amounts of quartz, but the weight content of alveolar quartz is less than 1%, so the product is not classified as harmful in terms of quartz.
Colour gray
Maximum grain size

0.3 mm

Package size 5 kg and 20 kg

storage time in a dry location approx. 10 months / bag and approx. 12 months / container

Usage temperature


Workability time approx. 15 min
Coatable approx. 2 h
Walkable approx. 0.5 h
Strength class C 30 (EN 13813)
Compressive strength

> 30 MPa (28 days, +20°C, RH 50%)

Adhesion strength

28 days > 1.5 MPa

Flexural bond strength F 5 (EN 13813)
Surface tensile strength > 1,5 MPa (28 days +20°C, RH 50%)
Limitation of liability, product use notes and restrictions: Please familiarize yourself with Fescon Oy's general terms of delivery and the design and work instructions related to the product.