FPTL-165 Industrial mortar

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Product description

Chemical-ceramic binding mortar for applications with a temperature of max. +1650ºC.  

  • A mineral powder mixture based on bauxite and quartz 
  • Water glass as binder
  • Heat resistance +1650ºC


  • Suitable for laying both chamotte and alumina-silicate bricks
GTIN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841531094 FPTL-165 Industrial mortar 53109 25 kg
Work instructions

Add the dry material to the water and mix with a power mixer or a drill paddle for approximately four to five minutes. Allow the mixture to stand for approximately ten minutes and mix it again for a short while. By remixing, the correct plasticity of the mortar is sought by adding the final amount of water. It is not recommended to add the maximum amount of water right at the start.

After treatment

The plaster binds chemically in room temperature and ceramically at a temperature of appr. +700°C. Before the structure is brought into use, it is allowed to dry for 2 to 3 weeks with the hatches and dampers open. The first heating is performed carefully with a fan heater, for example. Heating is continued for the subsequent 3 to 5 days with a constant small fire. The hatches and dampers are left open after each drying heating.

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions https://www.fescon.fi/en/material-bank

Material usage

app. 8 % / the weight of the bricks

Water requirement app. 5 l
Type fine-grain material
Colour grey
Composition Al2O3> 40%, SiO2< 50%, TiO2< 3%, Fe2O3< 2%
Maximum grain size

0,3 mm

Package size 25 kg bag

6 months in the original package in a dry place

Lowest usage temperature


Workability time 8 hours +20°C