Coarse floor levelling compound LM 5000

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Product description

Fescon Coarse floor levelling compound LM 5000 is a casein-free manually applied levelling compound with a special cement binder that hardens and dries rapidly. 

  • Manually levelled
  • For layer thicknesses 5 - 80 mm
  • Dries through hydration
  • Casting of graded floors, and grading correction
  • Thick layers of filler


  • For levelling concrete floors and creating floor grading in flats, offices and public buildings
  • In wet rooms, under the waterproofing
  • Finished floor casting, floors with underfloor heating
The product is listed in the portal for building products that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings.
GTIN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841202024 Coarse floor levelling compound LM 5000 20 KG 20202 20 kg
  • Clean, solid and dust-free
  • Sufficient strength, load-bearing capacity and immobility
  • Relative humidity < 95% RH
  • Temperature > +10°C
  • Loose layers, cement paste and other impurities must be mechanically removed
  • Carry out the priming in accordance with the instructions of the Fescon Adhesive Primer, depending on the base
  • When beginning the levelling work, there must be no puddles of primer
Instructions for use
  • Mix a bag (20 kg) of the levelling compound in 2.8-3.2 litres of cold water
  • Mix the levelling compound into a consistent paste using a drill paddle
  • Apply the levelling compound with a steel trowel onto the levelled surface
  • Workable for about half an hour after adding water
  • Wash tools with water immediately after completing the work
  • Remove dried levelling compound mechanically
  • Can be covered using ceramic tiles, plastic or textile mats, vinyl tiles, wood parquet or cork
  • We do not recommend leaving the floor compound without coating

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions

Material usage

1 mm layer approx. 1.8 kg/m²

Water requirement max. 2.4 - 2.7 l / 20 kg
Binder special cement
Colour gray
Maximum grain size

1.2 mm

Package size 20 kg

storage time in a dry location approx. 12 months

Usage temperature


Workability time approx. 0.5 h
Drying time

approx. 1 day/10 mm (RH 50% + 20°C)

Walkable approx. 3 h
Hardening time

approx. 1 day at +20°C

Strength class C 20 (EN 13813)
Compressive strength

> 20 MPa (28 days, +20°C, RH 50%)

Adhesion strength

28 days > 1.2 MPa

Flexural bond strength F5 (EN 13813)
Surface tensile strength > 1,0 MPa (28 days, +20°C, RH 50 %)