Product description

Water-soluble Fescon Primer KP is used in the Fescon WS and Fescoseal A+B waterproofing systems. For indoor use.  

  • Pretreatment of substrate before waterproofing
  • Improves adhesion
  • Brushable 


  • Fescon WS and Fescoseal A+B waterproofing systems
  • Concrete and cement-based filler substrates
  • Building boards suitable for wet spaces
GTIN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841769039 Primer KP 1 l 76903 1 l
6416841769046 Primer KP 76904 5 l
6416841769015 PRIMER KP 76901 10 l
  • The substrate must be clean, dust-free, solid and immobile
  • Loose layers, cement paste, and any other impurities must have been removed mechanically to ensure adhesion. 
  • The subfloor structure must be more than +10°C.
  • When using Fescon WS waterproofing compound, the substrate’s relative humidity must be < 90%, with Fescoseal A+B waterproofing compound < 95%
  • Concrete and cement-based levelling compounds: 1 part of primer and 3 parts of water
  • Substrates that do not tolerate moisture, such as gypsum boards on floors and wood substrates: Not to be thinned.
  • Mix the product before use by turning the package avoid shaking.
  • The primer is spread thinly using a brush. Fescon primer must not be applied so much that it creates puddles.
  • The primer must be dry before the waterproofing compound or leveling compound is spread (1–4 hours, depending on the conditions).
  • Highly absorbent substrates (such as in-situ cast concrete floors or renovated floors) are primed twice. The first layer with a ratio of 1:5 (1 part primer, 5 parts water), and the second layer with a ratio of 1:3.
  • Wash tools and equipment with water immediately.
Other points to note
  • When using building boards in wet spaces, check the priming instructions from the manufacturer.

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions

Material usage

cement-based leveling compound substrates: ready mixture (ratio 1:3) approx. 10²/l

concrete substrates cast in situ: ready mixture (ratio 1:3) approx. 6 m²/l

gypsum board and wood substrates (undiluted): approx. 7m²/l

Type liquid
Package size 5 l and 10 l

in a cool place, not below +6°C, in a tightly closed original container for up to 1 years


1 l = 1 kg

Usage temperature

+10°C…+25°C (base and indoor temperature)

Drying time

1-4 h depending on the conditions

Thinner water
Method of application brushing
Transport warm transport