Dry concrete K-10 POZZ

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Product description

Fescon Dry concrete K-10 POZZ is dry concrete with a special binder. The portion of pozzolanic substances in it is 50 %, making it well suitable for fixing tiles of various kinds in places where it is desirable to avoid the building up of harmful lime. The maximum grain size is 10 mm. 

  • Easy to use
  • Good workability characteristics

Product availability is limited, check availability before ordering. Minimum delivery batch 3000 kg.


  • Fastening tiles in yard areas


GTIN code Product name Product number Package size
6416841531353 Dry concrete K-10 POZZ 25 kg 53135 25 kg

Cleaning and moisturising the installation base are carried out according to the normal working methods and the instructions of the designers.


Refer to the bag for how much water the concrete requires. Add the dry material to the water and mix thoroughly. The mixing is usually done with a concrete mixer, but small amounts of concrete can also be mixed using a shovel. We do not recommend adding all of the water right at the start. Find the right plasticity by adding water during mixing. Do not add more water than the provided guidelines specify, because it reduces the strength of the concrete and increases its shrinkage. Finished concrete remains workable for approximately two hours.

Work instructions

Installation work is carried out according to the normal working methods and instructions of the designers. The lowest usage temperature is +5°C.

After treatment

If needed, aftercare by wetting and protecting by plastic which prevents excessive evaporation of moisture. The need for aftercare depends on the conditions. It should continue for at least two days.

Storage and handling of waste
See the separate storage and disposal instructions https://www.fescon.fi/en/material-bank

Material usage

90 kg/m2 50 mm

Water requirement 1.5 - 2.0 l / 25 kg bag
Finished compound 12 - 13 l / 25 kg
Type powder
Colour gray
Maximum grain size

10 mm

Package size 25 kg

storage time in a dry location approx. 1 year


Usage temperature


Workability time 2 h
Compressive strength

approx. 25 -30 MPa