Clay stove mortar SUL

  • For the burnt brick masonry of the frame and flues of wood-heated fireplaces indoors
  • Maximum grain size 1.5 mm



Fireproof masonry mortar TKM

  • For laying firebricks used in indoor wood-fired household fireplaces.
  • Heat resistance over +1200oC
  • Maximum grain size 0.5 mm

Fireproof casting concrete TKV

  • For the parts of ovens, fireplaces, grills and sauna stoves that need to be fireproof
  • Maximum operating temperature +1200oC
  • Maximum grain size 5.0 mm

Fireproof repairing compound TKK

  • For patching chips, cracks and cavities in the fire boxes of household fireplaces
  • Heat resistance +1300°C
  • Maximum grain size 2.0 mm

FPTL-165 Industrial mortar

  • Chemical-ceramic binding mortar for applications with a temperature of max. +1650ºC
  • Suitable for laying both chamotte and alumina-silicate bricks
  • Maximum grain size 0.5 mm